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Relocation of a short-cycle plant from Romania to Spain

Our client Tableros Losán commissioned us with the relocation of a Siempelkamp short-cycle plant from Soria, Romania to the client’s site in Fuentes, Spain. The order comprised the relocation of the raw-board section, the paper laying system, the press including loader and unloader, the edge trimming system, various conveyors as well as the grading system and the finished-board stacking system. We also provided all necessary mobile cranes, forklifts and lifting platforms.
Our ancillary provisions comprised the analysis of the current state of all machinery and equipment before starting disassembly as well as all the dimensions required for a subsequent reassembly. We also elaborated the terminal lists for the wiring of machinery, switch cabinets and local control panels. In the course of reassembly we carried out an I/O check to document the current state of the plant’s control system on completion of the electrical installation.
Moreover, we were responsible for the coordination of the conveyors provided by our client.

  • Client/customer: Tableros Losán
  • Place of installation, countryd: Fuentes, Spain
  • Duration: July to September 2017
+49 (0) 2845 94938 0