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RWE Service contract

Many years of successful cooperation pay off. For almost 50 years, Kurt Schuhmacher Industriemontagen has been working in the field of energy supply at a total of over 30 RWE power plants. As a result of our consistently excellent and trusting cooperation, we were recently awarded the contract for the dismantling, repair and reassembly of various types of pumps at RWE’s Frimmersdorf, Neurath and Niederaussem power plant sites as part of a contract for work and services. The initial term of the arrangement is 3.5 years.

The scope of work covers a firmly defined service specification and essentially includes the repair of single-stage centrifugal pumps with a flow rate of up to 7200 m³/h and multi-stage centrifugal pumps with a flow rate of up to 200 m³/h. All associated work is carried out by our specially trained staff. This includes, among other things, the disassembly and reassembly of the corresponding electric motors, the alignment of shafts and couplings as well as the replacement of split mechanical seals.

To carry out the repair work, we set up a complete workshop together with RWE at the Frimmersdorf site, including our own pump test bed and a shaft measuring device. This enables us to ensure the high-quality standards of our customer with our specialist personnel stationed there.

In order to be able to react independently and flexibly to RWE’s requirements, we equipped the workshop with a 3.5 t flatbed truck and a van. This ensures the transport of the aggregates between the locations and the workshop, and we can react flexibly to personnel and material requirements. The forklifts at the Neurath and Niederaussem sites represent a further step towards independent mobility.

Of course, the teams at the two active power plant sites each have a fully equipped tool container at their disposal to keep the distances they have to travel as short as possible.

The experience gained so far has contributed significantly to the success of the positive cooperation. We are looking forward to further exciting joint projects.

  • Client: RWE
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration: Since July 2018
+49 (0) 2845 94938 0