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KS Industriemontagen – stronger as a team

A good team culture is crucial for employee motivation and efficient collaboration – Kurt Schuhmacher Industriemontagen GmbH & Co. KG is convinced of this. A team workshop was therefore held at the “Mercure Tagungs- und Landhotel” Krefeld on 19 January 2024 to strengthen teamwork both internally and externally. Seminar leader Mr Michael Augner (Augner Seminars) taught our KSI employees in various presentations and exercises how good communication works and what effects it has on internal and external cooperation. Mr Augner focussed on appreciative, value-adding, fast and clear communication. The participants were particularly impressed to see how much influence attitude and behaviour have on good communication and how crucial the choice of words and phrasing is.

After a successful day at the seminar, everyone got together for dinner and ended the day with an interesting question and answer session so that everyone could learn something personal from their colleagues, as this also helps to improve communication.


+49 (0) 2845 94938 0