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Opening of the steel plant in Kapfenberg

On 18 October 2023, our customer voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co. KG opened the world’s most modern stainless steel plant at its site in Kapfenberg, Austria. The fully digitalised plant will produce around 205,000 tonnes of high-performance steels annually – in particular for the international aircraft and automotive industries as well as the oil and gas sector. Around 150 Voestalpine employees will work here. Total investment volume for the new plant: around 467 million euros.
We are proud to be part of such an innovative project. Under the direction of Oliver Merckens, our employees, together with our assembly partners, took over the mechanical and electrical assembly of the entire bulk materials handling technology, including the day bunker and dust extraction. KSI also mechanically assembled three ladle furnaces, the AOD converter, the medium-frequency furnace, all valve and pump stations as well as the scrap drying system.
The project at voestalpine started for KSI as early as June 2020 with four employees on site. Since 2021, we have steadily expanded our activities, so that in the meantime around 100 employees were working under our management at the Kapfenberg site.

+49 (0) 2845 94938 0